Dumped student threw acid on ex’s face in horror attack disguised as woman in fat suit

Former medical student Milad Rouf, 25, partially blinded his ex-girlfriend by throwing acid over her face in a vicious attack planned months earlier when she ended their relationship

A former medical student who disguised himself as a woman before throwing sulphuric acid over his ex-girlfriend’s face has been jailed for 11 years.

Milad Rouf, 25, turned up at the front door of junior doctor Dr Rym Alaoui, 24, wearing a heavily padded “fat suit”, sunglasses and a visor.

The defendant was wearing the costume designed to make him look like a woman of a large build.

When Dr Alaoui opened the door just after 4pm, Rouf threw acid over her face, neck and chest, police said.

He handed her a note that appeared to threaten her former flatmate and as she bent down to read it he threw sulphuric acid over her and ran from the scene in Brighton, East Sussex.

Following a search of Rouf’s flat in Cardiff officers found a thorough ‘shopping list’ detailing his disguise for the attack on May 20.

Rouf’s planned attack was carried out weeks after the woman ended their short relationship and moved to Brighton from Cardiff in April.

Witnesses described the suspect as a black woman wearing a black jacket and a clear Covid visor, Sussex Police said.

Officers searched Rouf’s home and found a hand-written list in his bedside drawer titled “costume 1” and listed a sting of items – the majority of which matched equipment and clothing worn by the suspect at the time of the attack.

Despite his efforts to hide his identity, Rouf was tracked down by police through CCTV of him moving across the seaside city.

Man confronted with pics after he threw acid at ex-girlfriend

At Lewes Crown Court today Rouf was jailed for 11 years with four years on an extended licence as a dangerous offender added to the sentence.

In a statement read to the court, Dr Alaoui described how she can still not see out of her right eye and is unable to move her neck or close her eyelids properly.

She said: “Since the day I was subject to this horrific attack, my life has changed tremendously whereby I live in constant physical and psychological pain, fear of my future wellbeing, and socioeconomic hardship.

“I have suffered substantial physical injuries as a result of this attack. The impacts include severe damage to my right eye – which I am still unable to see out of – damage to my eyelids and the skin of my face, neck, chest and arm. I am unable to fully move my neck or close my eyelids.”

Dr Alaoui also went on to say how she can no longer lead a normal life and will be left with life-changing injuries.

She added: “So far, I have had five painful, life and appearance-altering surgeries.

“I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that my life, for the foreseeable future, will involve more hospital appointments, procedures and operations.

Alaoui said she no longer lives a normal life and that the attack robbed her of her years as a young adult.

To track Rouf down, officers trawled Brighton’s CCTV cameras to trace the suspect’s movements and he was seen changing disguises at various locations across the seaside town.

When he was quizzed by detectives, Rouf gave a prepared statement following his arrest, in which he wrote: “I totally deny any involvement in this horrific offence.”

But he later admitted one charge of causing a dangerous, noxious thing to be received with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable, to do grievous bodily harm when he appeared for a plea hearing at Lewes Crown Court in August.